Saturday 7 August – Rest Day


The funny thing about rest days is, who really gets any rest?? Our rest days are more along the lines of active recovery, i.e. stretching and moving about. Another HUGE thing to remember on rest/active recovery days is to eat right! Taking time away from daily workouts isn’t enough, you have to eat right in order for your muscles and joints to recover. wrote an article on the top 10 post-workout recovery foods. The number one winner was 1% chocolate milk! YESSSS… love that stuff! Number three was a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Back in high school I wrestled and in order for me to wrestle in the 112lb class (yes you read that right) I had to cut down from 115lbs. This alone was completely draining, and after weigh-ins at the meets we would hog out on bread and honey for some energy.                                                                                                                           Here is the article: Top 10: Recovery Foods It has a lot of useful information, too.

Who knew?

Speaking of active recovery, work on your double unders this weekend.

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Anyways, sit back and relax a bit 🙂

An original


Mustang burnout

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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3 Responses to Saturday 7 August – Rest Day

  1. Andy says:

    KB power snatches, 55lb


    my left hand looks like i used sulfuric acid instead of chalk… but the wod was a great excuse to chug-a-lug some chocolate milk!! 😀

  2. cpth1969 says:

    Went to the Y for some lifting. Body weight bench press and practiced some push jerks. Did much better. Threw some toes to bars in and finished with dips. Good “rest day!”

  3. Rey says:

    Ran the Bushwacker 5k here at Pensacola Beach in 24:06. There was a lot of free food and BEER!!!

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