Thursday 14 October WOD


15 Ring pushups
15 Ring rows
15 Butterfly abmat situps
15 Overhead squats @ 30/15lbs

Post your time to the comments.

Yes, the weight on the OH squats is super low but that is all we have in Da Vince Gym (one 30lb body bar). If you are offsite and can scale it up, DO IT, DON’T BE SkURRED!

Ring rows are like ring pushups, but upside-down and with the rings higher off the ground. Your elbows point outwards, and imagine you are trying to pull those outwardly pointing elbows to the ground. This will make your chest go up and when it is level with your hands, go back down.

We will have our feet on the ground...

*  *  *

If you are interested in participating in the course pictured below, register here:

Tell everyone you know!

*  *  *

Steve with some chalky pullups

Amy hangin' them high

13 October whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

*  *  *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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One Response to Thursday 14 October WOD

  1. Andy says:

    7:06 with 30lb bar and GHD situps. the situps made me pretty dizzy.

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