Friday 3 December WOD


3 Rounds
15 Good Mornings @ 53/35lbs
20 Lungewalk steps
25 Squats
30 Double unders

Post your time to the comments.

You may be walking funny after this one. Keep your knees tracking directly over your feet when you squat!

*  *  *



2 December whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

*  *  *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Three rounds for time of:
10 Muscle-ups
10 Forward rolls
20 One legged squats, alternating
Handstand walk 20 yards

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One Response to Friday 3 December WOD

  1. Andy says:

    Ok… wasn’t walking funny after this, it was actually kind of easy. Did the first three rounds and wasn’t tired, so bumped it to 5.

    5 round time with 53lbs = 14:15

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