Saturday 19 February – Rest Day


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Happy Saturday! Today at Al Udeid Air Base we had the 2nd Weak or Worthy fitness competition hosted by yours truly, me. (Andy). Here is what the three-event comp was:


CrossFit Total (points)
-1RM (rep max) Back Squat
-1RM strict shoulder press
-1RM Deadlift
You have 3 attempts per movement, in order. Total amount of weight moved is your score (points) i.e. a 450lb back squat, 190lb shoulder press, and a 530lb deadlift would make a score of 1125. Rest period between reps is unlimited, however lets keep this thing moving along. If you’re ready to go for a rep, step up and go. Racks are limited to the two squat racks in the BPC gym weight room.


As Many Reps as Possible in 20 minutes:
Run (once) 4 laps around the BPC gym parking lot, approx. 1.32mi
Remaining time is immediately spent on the following:
5 Burpees
10 Tire Jumps (male on the two larger tires, female on the two smaller tires)
15 Air Squats
When the 20min countdown starts, participants will run 4 laps, with the corners marked, around the parking lot. After crossing the finish line and completing the run, move immediately to the tires and perform the rest of the workout in the remaining amount of time. The total number of reps completed after the run and in the remaining time is your score i.e. 13 rounds and 7 jumps equates to a score of 402.
Basically, the faster you complete the run the more time you have to knock out the reps. There can be 16 people per heat in this event, allowing 4 people per tire.


Death by Clean and Jerk @ 135/95lbs
When the clock starts, participants will perform one clean and jerk the first minute, two clean and jerks the second minute, 3 C&J’s the third minute, and so on until the you can no longer complete the required number of reps for that minute. The total number of reps performed is your score i.e. 7 rounds + 6 reps equates to a score of 34.

The final score is the average of events one and two, plus event three.
((1125+402)/2)+34=797.5 final score.

It went very well. I was prepped for 40 people, and only 3 showed up. No that’s not a typo… and since only 3 showed up I participated as well. I’ll post all that stuff in the comments.
If anyone wants to give the event a shot, let me know and I’ll send you a digital copy of the scorecard! I’ll probably post one anyways.

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17 February WOD

18 February WOD

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CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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3 Responses to Saturday 19 February – Rest Day

  1. Andy says:

    OK first event was crossfit total. I had never done this before, but i was somewhat aware of my maxes before starting. here’s the results of that:

    event 1: 815
    1RM back squat: 205-275-295
    1RM shoulder press: 115-135(f)-125(f)
    1RM deadlift: 325-345-405

    wasn’t sure what to do on the back squat, but i can most likely go over 300lbs. The shoulder press is my weakest thing out of everything, couldn’t even get the bar over my chin on the last two!! deadlift, i got 345 up kinda quick and decided to go for the gusto. That one became a two part lift… 1st part get it over the knees, 2nd part take a couple breaths and finish the lift 🙂 that’s a pb too

    event 2: 9rds + 9 jumps = 284 reps
    the tire is about 17-18″ high depending where you land. I did the run in my socks, then slipped my shoes on right away to start the reps. I could not believe how tired my thighs became! I knew it would be hard on the legs but HOLY CRAP i could barely do the squats….

    event 3: 7rds + 4 reps = 32 reps
    I could have done better. lost track of the time at the end of 7 and then it was downhill from there. dunno…. either way, the hook grip was boss on this. wouldn’t have made it that far with a standard grip!

    so my final score was 581.5. average the first two events, then add the third. not too bad :)I think if my cf total had a decent press and a 315 squat i could have come close to 600pts.

    Fun morning!

    • Andy says:

      and i think a different wod at the end would have been better. something with a time cap, and the difference of time from the finish to the cap (in seconds) is your score. would have made it pretty interesting 🙂

  2. Rey says:

    Damn!!!! That’s some good stuff there.

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