Tuesday 7 June WOD


In teams of 2, complete the following:
Run 800m with a kettlebell
200 Box Jumps
Run 800m with a kettlebell

Post your time to the comments.

Some bonding time with your fellow CFCC members!! This workout will be performed in teams of 2. The two team members will run together for both runs, swapping off holding the kettlebell or medicine ball (if we have a big enough group) however the team wants. The 200 box jumps will also be performed as a team- take turns with your partner however you want to split them up.

For those of you working out on your own, here is an individual workout:

500m Row
5 rounds of ‘The Ape” 
400m Row
4 rounds of “The Ape” 
300m Row
3 rounds of “The Ape”
200m Row
2 rounds of “The Ape”
100m Row
1 round of “The Ape”


One round of The Ape = 5 knees to elbows, 5 burpees, 5 situp/standups

* * *

We had a great group yesterday! Thank you to everyone for your patience as we didn’t expect so many folks. We are making some changes so there will be no long waits.

Nice job today Rebekah!!

Patiently waiting

6 June whiteboard

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

* * *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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7 Responses to Tuesday 7 June WOD

  1. jhavard601 says:

    15:10 35lb/35lbx2

  2. jhavard601 says:


  3. Andy says:

    jesse and I were partners on this one, with the 53lb kb and 24″ box. time was 17:25

    i think this would have been a good solo wod too

  4. Rey says:

    Did the 2 June WOD due to equip shortfalls.

    Can’t take equip outside and didn’t do the other WOD cause we have 1 working rower.

    • Andy says:

      i hated when the base gym wouldn’t let us take stuff outside… they let people take soccer balls and stuff out, why can’t i sign out a kettlebell??

      and new comment system from wordpress… neato

  5. Rey says:

    Did the “Ape” WOD Took me 34:19 with a 20# slam ball for the sit-up/standups.

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