Thursday 21 July WOD


5 Burpees
10 Kettlebell swings @ 53/35lbs
15 Box jumps @ 24/18″

Post your rounds and reps to the comments.


We have placed an order from Rogue Fitness for a lot of new gear to add to the collection! Here is a breakdown of everything that is on the way!

4 Accelerator 2 – 10lb (Medicine ball)
4 Stout 2 – 14lb (Medicine ball)
4 Burly 1 – 20lb (Medicine Ball)
25 ROGUE 10lb Bumpers
12 ROGUE 15lb Bumpers
20 ROGUE 25lb Bumpers
8 ROGUE 35lb Bumpers
20 ROGUE 45lb Bumpers
3 Rogue (Bella, 15kg) Women’s Weightlifting Bar – Dual knurling Marks
3 ROGUE Bar (20kg)
1 Plyometric Box 12″
1 Plyometric Box 18″
1 Plyometric Box 24″
12 2.5lb Olympic Steel Plate (Black)
12 5lb Olympic Steel Plate (Black)
10 ROGUE HG Collars
20 Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope
3 26lb Premier Kettlebell
3 35lb Premier Kettlebell
4 44lb Premier Kettlebell
1 53lb Premier Kettlebell
1 70lb Premier Kettlebell
1 97lb Premier Kettlebell
1 30LB Medicine Ball
4 Rogue Bumper Stackers w/ Wheels (bumper weight storage)
1 Rogue Gun Rack (bar wall-mount storage)

That is a ton of stuff! Actually it’s approximately 3, 395lbs of stuff but I bet with the weight of the pallet and boxes, the total ship weight is over 2 tons!!!!!!   SCORE!

Big THANK YOU to Melissa for putting the order together (long process) and a big THANK YOU to Rogue Fitness for providing the best gear at the lowest prices! We will take pictures when the gear gets here and send them to Rogue…

That may be a lot of new stuff, but we still have some plans in the works to get more pullup bars, a climbing rope (and crash pad), a few squat stands, and possibly a lifting platform!
So coming this summer, get ready to GO HEAVY!!

*  *  *

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

*  *  *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Rest Day

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4 Responses to Thursday 21 July WOD

  1. Andy says:

    7 rounds with the 24″ box and 70lb kettlebell. We did this one outside and holy crap was it hot.

  2. Rey says:

    Dan – 7 rounds 1 swing at 53#
    Me – 6 rounds 5 burpees at 53#

    I feel out of shape so bad.

    • mcgranahand says:

      Im pretty sure that was 8 rounds 1 swing for me, and 7rounds and 5burpees for you…. but that was my counta

  3. Melissa says:

    Rest for me today and traveling to Wisconsin tomorrow for Tough Mudder!!!

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