Thursday 28 July WOD


10 Rounds
7 Burpees
7 Situp-standup thrusters @ 20/14lbs
7 Close-hand pushups
7 Kettlebell swings @ 53/35lbs

Post your time to the comments.

SITUP-STANDUP THRUSTER – It sounds complicated but it is pretty straight forward… Do your regular situp-standup with the medball, but this time do a thruster from the bottom position. Basicall just stand up and put the ball in the overhead locked position. Just like baggage on the plane 🙂
CLOSE HAND PUSHUP – Put your hands close enough together so that ANY TWO OF YOUR FINGERS (from both hands) TOUCH EACHTOTHER. Then go down far enough that your chest touches your hands, and back up to full extension. Keep a rock solid midline!

Quick note, in December the CrossFit Football team will be in Tampa for their weekend course. This won’t happen again for a very very very very long time. Register here:

* * *

There was a lot of “can’t” and “i don’t know” and other excuses being tossed around yesterday… these do not belong in your head and certainly not in a workout! Once these words start flying around, they get into other peoples heads and it’s all downhill from there. No one is here to see what they “can’t” do so don’t be afraid of the bar… it should be scared of you, since it is the one that is going to be tossed around! Keep a positive attitude and you will be surprised what happens!

More pictures from yesterday on the picture page.

* * *

CrossFit HQ WOD:

Three rounds, 12-9- and 6 reps, for time of:
135 pound Squat clean and jerk

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7 Responses to Thursday 28 July WOD

  1. Melissa says:

    29:52 14lb med ball, 35lb KB

    Did this one outside today in the sun – WOW!

    Great job to the whole group that was out there with me

    • eddiemel1 says:

      I salute you for your bravery on doing this workout outside. I can only imagine how much tougher the heat made the workout

  2. eddiemel1 says:

    27:13 20lb med ball, 53lb KB.

    This one was brutal. The burpees combined with the situp-standup thrusters just slaughtered me.

  3. Whew! This was one of those WODs you look at and think “This one won’t be so bad…” By round 4, I was thinking “When is this gonna end???” Enjoyed it, Andy!

    I’m about over Burpees this week. I did 100 for my Sunday WOD on the road, then followed all the CFCentcom WODs all week!

    Hope you guys are doing well. All’s well up here in Baahston…


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