April 2011 Challenge

This month’s challenge takes us back to doing actual work! 🙂 It’s four mini-wods, one per week. You can do these before or after your normal wod, but these will not take the place of the daily wod. We will post your scores here as they come in, and the overall male and female winner at the end of the month (most total reps) will receive a CFCC shirt of their choice!

So what are the mini-wods? If you follow the http://www.beyondthewhiteboard.com site at all, you may have noticed the two-minute challenges they have done for the last 5 months. We will be doing four of them, one for each week of this month.


Week 1: Double Unders

Rey – 110

Kim – 38

Week 2: Box Jumps @ 24/18″

Rey – 48 @ 24″

Week 3: Overhead Squats @ 75/45lbs

Week 4: Burpees

-The only scores that count towards a total are Rx’ed scores, but if you have to scale you can still do them.
-Standards are the same as they have always been for those movements.
-You must complete all four mini-wods with a witness/counter to be able to post a total score.
-If you’re offsite, please participate as well, just be honest (as usual!).

If you have any questions, please ask Andy or Melissa!


4 Responses to April 2011 Challenge

  1. Rey says:

    Did the double unders today. We posting numbers?

  2. Kim says:

    I completed 38 DU’s in 2 minutes. I did it at BNI, with a timer and a counter. My mistake was doint it after the wod, next time I’ll do it before the wod.

  3. Rey says:

    Completed 48 24″ box jumps.

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