Da Vince Gym

What started as an empty room with literally nothing inside of it, slowly transformed into a gym under the guidance and vision of LTC Marc W., USA. Originally planned to have a row of treadmills and tv’s, LTC W. shook his head and stomped his foot, creating a shock wave that grew into CrossFit CENTCOM!

The first piece of equipment to make its way into the gym was actually a hand-me-down treadmill that was donated by the main gym for the base. After that, the two C2 model D rowers with PM4 monitors rolled in as well as the padded mats. A few weeks later you could walk in and find a shelf full of kettlebells, a pullup bar, still rings, abmats, d-balls, body bars, and another treadmill. This was when training began in Da Vince Gym, which was simply called ‘the gym’ at the time. A handful of people came in that first day for an initial overview and demo of all the movements we could expect in the coming wods from LTC W.. Since then, we’ve added a new pullup bar, more kettlebells, jump ropes, more abmats, two 90lb powerblocks and bench, wall clock with timer, weighted vest – sandbags – 45lb kettlebell (donated by MAJ Derek B., USA), paralettes, speaker set (donated by Joe B.) and assistance rubberbands. Future upgrades include Dynamx medicine balls, an outdoor pullup rig, and possibly barbells and bumper weights.

None of this is relevant without the people who are in the gym everyday, though… they are the best additions the gym could ever have!

Here are some pictures of the gym, more on the picture page:

Da Vince Gym

It's not the size that counts...

The other half of the gym

Pullup bar, speed ropes, and rubberbands

The whiteboard

Powerblocks, Kettlebells

Austin nailing a jump muscle-up

Austin on the C2 rower

"Take the dang picture already!!"

Lots of gear from Rogue Fitness, they make really good equipment

The kettlebell's wake of destruction


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