December 2010 Challenge

This month’s challenge is quite simple, and two parts: Keep a two-week log of EVERYTHING you eat. Everything means any piece of food that winds up in your stomach, needs to be documented. Last month you got your body composition looked at and put into numbers, and now you will be able to see, on paper, why the numbers were what they are. Being able to look at a day’s page at a glance lets you instantly know if you ate too much, didn’t eat enough, what type of foods you ate, when you ate and how much at that time, etc. Ideally you would keep a food/wod log simultaneously and in the same book, but lets start with baby steps 🙂 If you have a scale, weigh yourself each morning and write that down as well.

A typical day may look like this:

Saturday 4 December             180lbs

0830: 5oz can of tuna
Handful of red grapes
Bottle of water
Small coffee (cream/sugar)

1300: 1 small chicken breast
Medium sized salad, no dressing (turkey, ham, and egg)
Bottle of water

1500: Small slice of ham
Handful of almonds
Cup of grapes
Bottle of water

1800: Salmon steak, 6oz
Half a plate of broccoli

2200: Apple and peanut butter
Bottle of water

WOD @ 1100

5k run


And there is an example day. You can use whatever format you like as this is only an example, but as long as you can look at an entry and know how much food there is, you’re golden! The idea is to complete the two-week period and then analyze it later to see the over/under on calories and also the types of foods you ate (too much bread, not enough protein, too much sugar, not enough fat, etc). The bodpod results gave you an estimation of how many calories you go through in a day down at the bottom of the page.

PART TWO: Register for the Warrior Dash in Lake Whales, FL in January! Melissa is your poc for this. We already have a decent sized group signed up to run in the same wave (start time) since we can’t sign up as a group.. but we can all run it together!

Info from Melissa:


Several of us are already planning on participating in the Warrior Dash scheduled for 29 January in Lake Wales. Join us!!!!

Don’t stop reading here – keep reading – this will be a fun day!

What is the Warrior Dash?

The website (link below) describes it as “a running series held on some of the nation’s most demanding and unique terrain. Participants will conquer extreme obstacles and celebrate their feat with music, beer, warrior helmets and muddy shorts.”

I call it fun!!! The Florida course is a 3.02 mile course with obstacles. There will be water and there will be mud! And, when you finish, there will be beer and music!

When and where is the Warrior Dash?

29 January 2011 in Lake Wales, FL – plenty of time to register, get ready for this event and figure out where Lake Wales is (East)

What do I get with my registration?

A chance to have fun and build some camaraderie with some cool people (not just saying that b/c I am registering…)

A sense of muddy accomplishment

A warrior helmet

A Warrior Dash t-shirt

A warrior medal

A day of fun (did I say that already?)

How do I register?

1. Go to the below website.

2. Click the block that says “Sign Up Here”

3. Register for the 11:00AM wave – if we can all participate in the same wave, we can all stick together, cheer each other on and help each other out. We cannot register as a team but there is no stopping us from participating as a team!

Registration ends 17 January but I would suggest registering early if you want to get into a specific wave. Let me know when you do register so I can try to organize a meeting spot for the day of the event

What excuses do I not want to hear?

“I can’t run 3.02 miles!” Yes you can and if you can’t, you have time to prepare. And plus, you will get some running breaks to wallow in the mud and wade in the murky water 🙂

“This does NOT sound fun” Ummmm – yes it is!! How many other races let you get muddy and then serve beer and have bands after the race? Think of it as a party preceded by a WOD. Most of you workout every day anyway – this is just a workout with a party!

And for any other excuse you come up with… find someone to watch the kids, put this on your calendar so the date is blocked now and prepare yourself for a fun day 🙂

Send out to anyone else you think might want to participate!! Bring a friend, bring a spouse, bring yourself!


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