-Do you have a nickname?


-What got you started in CrossFit, and how long have you been doing it?

LTC Wheeler and Andy Blaida.  I have been doing CrossFit for almost 2 years

-Do you have any memorable CFCC moments?

Starting out only being able to do 3 unassisted pull-ups, and ending with being able to do 15-20.

-Do you remember your first wod? What was it and how did it go?

Yes. It was great.  I did it with Andy.  He and I were the only ones doing it until it grew.

-Do you have any fitness goals?

Get down to my prison weight.  Finish the INSANITY workout.  Run a half marathon.

-Do you play any sports now, or are there any you have participated
competitively in the past?


-What wods are your favorites?

Too many to name.

-What exercises are your favorites?

KB Swings and rowing.

-What one exercise makes you fill with fear when you see it posted?


-What wods are you most proud of?

Filthy 50

-What is your greatest CrossFit accomplishment?

Finishing the Filthy 50 in decent time.  I paid for it the next day.

-What is a typical day of nutrition for you?

Lately, I have been eating baked or grilled chicken for dinner, a salad for lunch, and a fat kid breakfast (LEAN SHAKE) that I got from GNC.

-What is your favorite food?

BEER and chicken.

-What is your favorite music to workout to? Or listen to in general?

ROCKY soundtrack.

-What is CrossFit, to you?

A great mixture of weight training, cardio, and endurance.  You never know what the WOD is for the next day until it’s posted.  You have to be ready to do anything.  I like that the exercises and rounds are timed.  It’s like a fitness, stamina, and an endurance test all in one.

-Where do you see yourself one year from now, fitness-wise?

Being able to wrestle a Louisiana alligator……for fun.

– Do you have any hobbies outside of Crossfit?

Refereeing, playing sports, running, and playing basketball with my little one.

– Tell us something about yourself that we may not know.

I was almost a stunt double for Chuck Norris, but I had to go TDY.  I can’t wait to get back to CENTCOM, so that I can do the WOD’s with the original group that I started with.


2 Responses to PROFILE: Dave

  1. Andy says:

    Hope your recovery goes well too!

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