Do you have a nickname?

What got you started in CrossFit, and how long have you been doing it?
Ours truly (Andy) heckling me on when I was going to come out, Just about a year now.

Do you have any memorable CFCC moments?
1st redo of a beginning WOD and the vast improvement on the second attempt or 1st set of 5 unassisted Pull-ups (Big boy hasn’t done that since he was 55lbs lighter)

Do you remember your first wod? What was it and how did it go?
I remember only the pain that followed it. I felt a euphoria after the WOD which kept going even thou ever muscle in my body was sore & aching.

Do you have any fitness goals?
The same as anyone else; lose weight and become fitter, nothing extreme.

Do you play any sports now, or are there any you have participated competitively in the past?
Does chasing my children around count. I competitively participated in Football and Bowling in HS.

What wods are your favorites?
Anything with weights.

What exercises are your favorites?
Kettle Bells

What one exercise makes you fill with fear when you see it posted?
Probly squats b/c of my bad knees, Burpees is a very close second.

What wods are you most proud of?
The completed ones, I’m proud of them all.

What is your greatest CrossFit accomplishment?
The commitment, I don’t think I’ve ever stayed with any particular fitness program for this long.

What is a typical day of nutrition for you?
No soda, Ya that’s about it food is my weakness.

What is your favorite food?
Chicken Wings

What is your favorite music to workout to? Or listen to in general?
I’d like to work out to something loud and angry to pump me up, general I listen to everything.

What is CrossFit, to you?
A cult without the creepy leader.

Where do you see yourself one year from now, fitness-wise?

Do you have any hobbies outside of Crossfit?
Gaming, anything strategy; I’m a big MTG player.


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  1. knightfall29 says:

    “Blue, you’re my boy!!!”

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