Wish List

If there is any piece of equipment that you would like to see inside Da Vince Gym or the adjoining locker rooms, this is the place to request it! Post your request in a concise comment with a link to the specific piece of equipment and it will be reviewed, then either approved or denied.

The three main sites we order from are:

Rogue Fitness
The Garage Gym Store
Again Faster Equipment


– A footbar for situps. This will basically be a round handrail for stairs, either wooden or stainless, and will be mounted to the wall where the mats are.

– Reflective tint for the windows to keep the temp down



1x Garage Gym Glute-Ham Developer

19 Responses to Wish List

  1. Marc says:

    You need some t-shirts!

    • Andy says:

      We have a set of rings, everything you can do with the trx you can do with the rings… Soon we will have another set of rings as I am moving apartments in the next week or two and won’t have a place to hang mine, so they will be donated. hell i’ll bring them in tomorrow 🙂

      At the end of this month I am attending a two day course for the crossfit gymnastics certification and can give you training on the rings, if you want it. let me know

  2. rrustan says:

    I could definitely use the training on the rings but unfortunately I work nights. I appreciate it though.

    • Andy says:

      We can figure something out, I live close to base. There will be the second set of rings and a set of empty straps on the pullup bar after today.

  3. rrustan says:

    I saw the second set of rings when I went in there today. I took the rings and used them like a TRX and tried some of the workouts on that. I am pretty sure I can work with them like that. The rings can be a pain when you smash your knee doing bicycles with them. Thanks for the additional rings.

  4. donmoss71 says:

    Just excited to get there… Scott AFB here in Illinois is lacking a crossfit area so it becomes quite the bounce/cross your fingers no one took your equipment scenario here… 🙂 any chance they’ll let you knock out a wall or two and expand your floor space or get some rubberized flooring? Looking forward to arriving/contributing!
    All the Best…. Don

    • Andy says:

      Zero chance of that unfortunately. The other side of the far wall is office area, the left wall is the locker rooms, and the last wall is the wall for the outdoors. We do go outside from time to time, and it would be nice to have a pullup rig out there which we are still trying to get. The slow part is that since we are dealing with the government, everything is slow.
      We may start going to the base gym every wednesday again this summer, depends on a lot of things but we shall see!

      • donmoss71 says:

        awesome… thanks for the info andy… will certainly throw my voice behind any attempt to get anything for the gym! just getting back from some traveling so sorry for the late reply… look forward to getting there in a few months! have a great week!!


  5. Nate says:

    -Dip station
    -300# of bumper plates
    -another Oly bar

    This would allow us to do Fran, two at a time

    • Andy says:

      Big problem with bumper plates is the floor/space. We’d need a lifting platform to deaden the blow from dropping the bar plus it would make a s#@%-ton of noise upon landing (to the people on the other side of the wall). We do have a set in the warehouse that we rarely use… but that is where it has to stay 😦

  6. Nate says:

    Actually, thinking about our space problem…it might be better to just invest in med balls and/or fill some Salvation Army Basketballs with sand and use those for thrusters/slamball/deadlift?

  7. donmoss71 says:

    hi guys… any chance of a dip belt for weighted pullups/dips maybe? 🙂 great gym… glad to be here!

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